We warmly welcome you to Stanlæy‘s sonic universe 

Stanlaey is a unique concept which encompasses one young-lady, and all the artists that currently contribute to Stanlaey’s artwork whilst existing as an individual with an individual identity and personality. The sum, in this case, is a separate being to the sum of it’s parts. 

Sometimes similarly working like an art collective, sometimes a solo artist, sometimes a film project, a band, Stanlaey is a fluid being who does not easily remain tied to solid structures. Stanlaey loves to evolve, and change hues. Stanlaey lives in the shadows, and thrives amongst constellations. Stanlaey lives on art, of all kinds. Stanlaey is tender genderlessness. Stanlaey is measureless, dimensionless. 

Nurtured and embodied by Bethany Stenning (with it’s infancy in September 2016), Stanlaey is henceforth both Bethany Stenning’s artistic pseudonym, and everyone involved in Stanlaey at any one given time. Perhaps you are Stanlaey too?


LATEST RELEASE – ‘Ode to Ovid’, from upcoming album The Human Project:


‘The Mountain Collector’, from upcoming album The Human Project:


‘Kaleidoscope’, SINGLE released from album Ouroboros released on the 11th February 2017, The Art House, Southampton. Available on Googleplay and Itunes:

‘NME’, official video released from album Ouroboros:

‘The Fisherman’s Wife’, Official video from album Ouroboros:



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Ouroboros is Stanlaey’s album released on the 11th February 2017

Available as hard copies, or digitally via band camp

You can read the full Album Launch review HERE


Ouroboros was written and recorded by Bethany in the Summer of 2016, in Cornwall. Inspired by the vastness of the ocean and the sky, and the concept of Ouroboros the ancient Greek symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Ouroboros often symbolises introspection, eternity, and cyclicality . It is the ultimate symbol of renewal, that spins in an infinite cyclic circle of nature’s creation and destruction. There are 10 tracks – each track explores this concept from different hues, transforming the Ouroboros serpent into a water-snake. See Jörmungandr.

Following the release of the album, Stanlaey went on a mini GIRL POWER tour around England/Ireland.

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