The Human Project

The Human Project album was released May 31st 2019 after a sell out show at the Wardrobe Theatre which received a standing ovation – and musical support from Bethany’s friends and musicians ALFI. Bethany was joined by the bands current line up (Oliver Cocup, Ben Holyoake and Naomi Hill) as well as her seaweed string quartet, and Alannah Thornburgh on harp.

The Huam Project has received critical acclaim and extensive radio play by BBC Bristol, BBC Introducing in the West, RTE Radio, British Airwaves Next Big Thing, and more. A live album, which includes additional string quartet and harp arrangements and performances, was released September 23rd via Bristol in Stereo.

“Creating an alternative pastoral fairytale world, Stenning brings us a highly experimental beguiling soundscape that is often as bewildering as it is diaphanous and melodious. Untethered throughout, weaving amorphously between Earth Mother folk, jazz, R&B, Tricky-like trip-hop and the avant-garde The Human Project is in a constant state of movement as it attempts to articulate and phrase the seven elements that underpin it. Stenning’s distinct voice is itself difficult to pin down, fluctuating, soaring, meandering as it does in giddy childlike innocent wonder one minute, a ghost the next: Joanna Newsom, Bjork and Janelle Monae wrapped into one woodland sprite.” – Monolith cocktail review

“To call it an album would be to pay it a disservice because it’s so much more…It’s a tricky album to review because it doesn’t fall into any strict genre, some will reach for the stop button within minutes while others will listen, take it in and try to unravel the mysteries that are often just out of reach. Once you think you’ve got the atmosphere of the album, it turns on it’s head and scampers off. By anybody’s standard, this is a huge achievement, but for someone as young as Stanlaey – she’s in her early twenties – it’s massive and hopefully a sign of what to expect in the future.” – Dancing about Architecture review 

“Bethany starts from a perspective of “ethereal gypsy punk-pop” and moves outwards from there into the kind of neverland/neverwas experimental folk music that we used to hear from Joanna Newsom; with her fey, unusual, offbeat-beautiful voice and lyrics” – Misfit City



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The Human Project, was initially premiered at Harbour Lights Cinema, Southampton Docks in 2017. The project’s Premiere sold out and received a standing ovation. In the year after the films premiere, the music itself received the Southampton Hazel Muras-Osborn Composition award. The film for The Mountain Collector received the TMCLFF Award of Recognition, won the Feel The Reel London film festival award, and received recognition from several international film festivals.

Draft 6

What is it?

The Human Project is Stanlaey’s latest album, a multi-faceted audio-visual project exploring the body as a medium of expression. There have been 70+ musicians, artists, actors/actresses, videographers and helpers involved in bringing this project to reality under the direction of Bethany Clare Mistlebrook. The project began in late 2016, when Bethany’s fascination in videography and story telling began to grow more intense alongside studies of embodiment, and dualisms.

The music is all written, arranged and recorded by Bethany who sings on all the tracks, with the exception of Hip-Hop inspired track Eldur (the track for ‘Fire’) which features a rap performance from the brilliant Pedro D G Correia. Bethany explores the elements through her musical composition as well as visuals. For example, Ice includes delicate harp and string quartet scoring, Fire is hip-hop inspired, Water was written to sound like water particles with immense flowing polyphony, and Wood is the equivalent of a bi-polar folk-song.

The project embodies 7 elements, within 7 songs and videos where each song comes to personify an element in a unique and distinct way. The Human Project takes the audience through 7 hues, revealing the body as a canvas to represent natural elements as a metaphor for cognitive states of mind, and the evolution of the body. The human body transforms itself into a real life canvas.


Official trailer:

A new performance arrangement of STANLÆY has been birthed, bringing The Human Project songs to the live environment in the form of a trio/quartet.

In the meantime, keep updated on the facebook page for updates.


See you soon,

Love from Stanlaey and the Humans of The Human Project.