Stanlæy (Bethany Stenning) is primarily an artist, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Bath, England. Firstly a writer, and artist, and classical musician, Bethany discovered her love for singing, and writing music at age 18. She started studying Music at Southampton University in 2013 and moved to Paris in 2015 to study French and Music at the Sorbonne alongside her degree. It is in Paris she met Marco Pavesi, a talented French musician who she began to collaborate with. In February 2016, Bethany and Marco recorded a 5-track EP in Tour, France. Bethany has performed and recorded under a number of pseudonyms including “Stanhopea” and “Stanlæy”.

Bethany’s adventures took her to small town Maynooth, in Ireland where she would meet a talented hue of musicians through Common Grounds Collective which Bethany was heavily involved in during her stay in Ireland.

Bethany’s musical soundscape developed somewhere in the blurred realms of ethereal gypsy punk-pop. Her wide range of influences stemming from the likes of Bjork, Sigur Ros, and the Dirty Projectors. “The Fader” magazine describes Bethany’s sound as “eerie” with “Kate Bush-esque vocals” in their review of her song “The Love Machine” which made it through to the long-list of Glastonbury’s upcoming talent competition 2016.

Bethany worked avidly with her seaweed string quartet and band to tour after the release of her album Ouroboros which was released 10th February 2017 (available to purchase via bandcamp). The album was written, recorded, and mixed by Bethany alone in the summer of 2016, and the band performed live versions of the songs. During their Girl Power tour in Ireland, a live version of the album was recorded (the live album can be heard via bandcamp).

Finally, Bethany is an avid artist who has always been fascinated with painting the human form, and human sight. A love to combine sonic landscapes with visual ones. All the artwork for the albums is by Bethany herself with the exception of the album cover of Ouroboros: Designed by Bethany, and illustrated by the talented Charli Stenning. Bethany’s love for painting transformed into her love for body-painting, and her love for writing transformed into scripting/video direction and production. Her newest upcoming album is an audio-visual album called The Human Project. This was successfully premiered at Harbour Lights Picturehouse which received a standing ovation on May 22nd 2017 and has since won the Southampton Hazel Muras-Osborn Composition award, and received recognition from several international film festivals. Stanlaey took the project to Ireland and Vienna for screenings celebrating the project before the official release.

The final album for The Human Project, and audio-visuals will be released in early 2019. The first single is available to listen to on youtube, and listen to on spotify and co. Thank you for supporting our art!