If Björk had grown up in the West Country, we reckon this is what her music would have sounded like. Freaky folk songs with alluringly erratic vocals and knotty song structures make STANLÆY a compelling prospect.” – The Standards top 20 bands to watch at Glastonbury 2019

“Stenning’s distinct voice is itself difficult to pin down, fluctuating, soaring, meandering as it does in giddy childlike innocent wonder one minute, a ghost the next: Joanna Newsom, Bjork and Janelle Monae wrapped into one woodland sprite.” Monolith Cocktail The Human Project album review (2019)

“Unique and distinct” – Folk radio UK (2018)

“With hang drum paddles, swelling strings and evocative vocals that are reminiscent of Joanna Newsom, this is an enveloping piece” GodisintheTVzine on Stanlaey’s single, Ode to Ovid (2018)

“Eerie with Kate Bush-esque vocals” – The Fader Magazine in their review of song The Love Machine (2016)

“You a bad mama jama! You good!” – Pee Wee Ellis (2017)

“It sounded like, as if Björk was asked to write the soundtrack to Titanic” – A stranger who attended our Circle Sessions Dublin Gig Ouroboros Girl Power Tour (2017)

“There aren’t many adjectives which do justice to her voice. It is both innocent and sinister. Sweet and savage. Such a voice could only suit songs inspired by Chaucer, classical mythical creatures, wide expanses of coastline and the vastness of the ocean.” – Jelly Cleaver from Gigiti – review available here

“It [The Human Project] was completely bonkers! I didn’t really understand any of it but I loved it…” – Dr Benjamin Oliver, Associate Professor in Composition at Southampton University (2018)